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Team DASA!

2016 Go For Launch! Andromeda Division Winners


From the Go For Launch! Deerfield, IL 2016 Program, DASA team members are:

  • Justin Bank
  • Chirag Goel
  • Dan Kambich
  • Zach Levy
  • Katharine Stecher

DASA’s winning experiment is about testing the effects of radiation on living cells in space. This experiment was launched to the International Space Station aboard SpaceX-12 August 14, 2017.

Team DASA experiment launched to the International Space Station aboard CRS-12!

I’m thrilled to hear the news that the team from Deerfield won! They were focused from the start of our 3-day program, yet they had some local competition that pushed them. I hope this opportunity launches not only their experiment but also their futures in aerospace and STEM. Congratulations!

Astronaut Dottie Metcalf-Lindenburger

We are extremely proud of our students’ accomplishments, which extend their talents far beyond the classroom to the International Space Station. We are thankful to Higher Orbits for the opportunity they have provided our students in realizing their potential in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

Kathryn Anderson, Principal of Deerfield High School

I’m so excited to see the experiment be created. To see it go to space is more than I could ever have imagined! I am so grateful for the opportunity that Higher Orbits offered me and the rest of my group. To see an idea that started a few months ago as a sketch on a piece of paper actually take shape and fly to space is a rare opportunity. The anticipation has definitely built, and I can’t wait to see what answers our experiment brings back.

Katharine Stecher, DASA Team Member

"When I was eight, I wanted to be an astronaut. That never panned out, but for my son to have his experimental idea actually implemented and launched to the ISS, it's the next best thing. To be able to watch the launch and know that something of his making is onboard that rocket is extremely exciting. I know that this is something he will never forget and hope that it will give him a taste of success that will help drive his future accomplishments."

Doug Bank, Parent of DASA Team Member

As for how it feels to have my idea flown into space, it kind of doesn't register for a while what this actually entails, that our experiment will go up and actually be on the International Space Station, an object in space that I have seen with my own eyes. I don't know if an astronaut will actually touch it or if it will do its own thing completely autonomously, but the fact that I actually had a part in it feels pretty amazing.

Justin Bank, DASA Team Member

I think it is truly incredible that we are going to get our experiment flown to space. This is an opportunity that almost nobody ever has, so the fact that we get to do it feels wonderful. It's great that Higher Orbits gives people opportunities like this, and that it gave us something that I never thought I could possibly achieve."

Daniel Kambich, DASA Team Member

Andromeda Division

Experiments like these make it to space through your charitable contributions!

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