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Team Reginae Reginarum!

Go For Launch! 2018 Series Winners

Team Members

From the Go For Launch! Spring Grove, IL 2018 Program, Reginae Reginarum team members are:

  • Hailey Brown
  • Aiyana Dutcher
  • Lizzy Fournier
  • Trinity Nett
  • Leia Spaniak

The team's winning experiment focuses on determining if microgravity affects production of Astaxanthin in H. Pluvialis. This experiment flew aboard NG-12 which launched on November 2, 2019 to the International Space Station.

Higher Orbits would like to give an extra special thank you to Scot Forge the host and partner for the Go For Launch! Spring Grove 2018 event. We are grateful for all the community support of this event from many companies.

2018 Series

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